Thursday, March 19, 2020


POSTPONEMENT VS CANCELLATION ... from the Commercial Producers Association, SA.

Dear CPA Members and Agents 


Please note the following with regard to postponements on shoots:
Crew will not be paid a cancellation fee where the job is postponed unless:
1) They have been confirmed on 24 hours’ notice by either party
2) They are not available for work on the new shoot dates
The agency/production company must advise of the new shoot dates within 30 working days of the date of postponement, failing which all crew will be eligible for cancellation fees as per the CPA Working Guidelines. 
Please note that the CPA’s working guidelines apply to CPA members only and may not be adhered to by production companies that are not members of the Association.
This letter will be posted on the CPA’s website: (resources/crew) for future reference. 

Yours sincerely

Bobby Amm 

Executive Officer

Monday, March 16, 2020


It is devastating that our industry has virtually gone into lock-down in the wake of this virus that has damaged the global economy to an extent which we will probably never again see in our lifetime.

One consolation is that our government has taken measures which will hopefully contain the spread of the virus and restore our country to normality.

Not only have the international bookings been cancelled, the local work has also ground to a standstill.

In these very difficult times, our prayers are with our clients and crew and their families, please keep safe and healthy!  

All the best from the ladies at CallaCrew

Friday, March 6, 2020


The booking system

Agents receive a bulk mail for availability of crew
and CallaCrew send our crew with website links

Production discuss availability with the HOD and 
a decision is made on who they book

The agents are unlikely to influence the decision of production or the HOD who normally have a preferred crew list which they work from.  They tend to request the same crew for all their jobs.

If none of the crew on their preferred list are available, then they might go with a new crew member.

Our income is earned from bookings and we strive to get as much work for our crew as possible.

There are a lot of office costs in listing crew, staff, admin, websites,
marketing etc.

We do a lot of marketing for our crew, but the best marketing is done by the crew member themselves, if they do a good job, they will get repeat work from the production company.

We are living in difficult times, Corona has effected our international market and our industry is tough right now.

Please don’t blame your agent, we don’t make the crew choices and we don’t create work, we are doing everything we can to promote you and get you work.

Work with us, if you are in a position to book assistants, please consider your fellow CallaCrew members and make sure all your records and website are up to date.  Promote us as we promote you.

We are hoping things will improve soon!  Hanging in there with you!