Tuesday, April 28, 2020


Eugenio Galli (SASC)

Director of Photography
Alexa Mini, Sony Venice, Canon C300 Mark2, lenses
Has access to all other equipment
Full lighting package 
Fully equipped 14mt by 10mt by 5mt with Infinity Curve
Able to stream Live
Permit to shoot and work in the Studio in safety conditions.

Director/Producer/Cameraman/Editor – R 6500 pd 
Access to Small Studio with Infinity Curve – R 2000 pd
Camera package 
Canon 1Dx Mark ii, Tripod, Slider – R 5000 pd
Lens Package: - R 2500 pd
Rokinon Cine Prime Lenses – 35mm T1.5
Rokinon Cine Prime Lens – 50mm T1.5
Rokinon Cine Prime Lens – 85mm T1.5
Rokinon Cine Prime Lens – 135mm T2.2
Canon Zoom Lens – 70-200mm F2.8
Lighting package: - Will quote separately.
Access to a Basic Lighting Package including 12x12 & 8x8 frames with a selection of Grids, Silks, Bounces, Nets and Blackout. LED Red-Head Kit, 5 x Parcans, & 5 x Bi-Colour LED Panel Lights, 3 x LED Tube Lights with Multi-colour. Stands, Sandbags etc…
Editing: - R 4000 pd
Apple MacBook Pro, Adobe Premier Pro & Final Cut Pro (But I prefer Premier)

     Stafford Robinson (Jhb)    

Camera Packages : 
Iphone - free 
RED Scarlet R5000 
Edit suite: premier... R4000/day 

Brent Webb (Jhb or CT)

Basic lighting package  
Access to a Canon 1D with prime lenses. And able to get any gear needed at reasonableprices 

Camera :
Samsung NX1 (MFT) camera, with microphones R6500 per day. 
Studio: access to a studio at R3500 per day 
Editing: Adobe Premiere, Final Cut X and Resolve. I generally edit on Premiere though. Hourly is R750 . 
Reference work : (Shot and edited)

Josh Rowe (CT)

R 7000 pd
Has been editing a lot during lockdown, for Virgin Active, putting all their content on TV channels. 
Most of the smaller work on his website is content which he directed and or directed and shot. 
Red Epic Setup and a smaller Sony set up available.
Editing: Adobe Premiere pro.

DOP/Underwater Cameraman
DOP rate ex gear is R8000
DOP rate with Panasonic GH5 kit is R12000
DOP rate in the water is R12000 excluding gear
Access to REDs and other high speed cameras if the shoot requires them.
Works with 2 really editors in Cape Town, Rates: is R4800 p/d

R5000pd (DOP + Camera Package)
Camera :
Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6K kit- 
Canon L series 24-70mm 
Zeiss Planar 50mm F1.4 
 Mavic Pro 2 Drone @ R3000pd 
Small Lighting Package @ R3000pd 
Small Grips Package @ R3000pd 
Editing programs : 
Adobe Premier Pro R4000pd 
Davinci Resolve Color Grade R4000pd 
Content reference work: 

Field Producer/Director/ Cinematographer/Editor (final mix/grading)/ Field sound recordist. 
 Rates :
Director/DOP With Camera Package - R12,000 per day 
Director/DOP without Camera package - R7000 per day 
Camera / equipment :
Sony A7S2 Camera with lenses (shooting 4K Raw) 
DJI Mavic Pro (unlicenced) 
Handheld Gimbal 
Tripod /Slider /batteries and cards /Field mic for ambient sound 
Radio Mic kit 
Canon 5D Mk3 Back up body (incl. cards and batteries for a full day) 
Editing :
Apple MacBook Pro with Editing Software (Davinci Resolve) 
 Can arrange Studio. 
Won 2 awards for Best Cinematography at the SAFTAS in 2018, one for Best Cinematography for a TV Drama, and one for Feature Documentary. Has a permit to work during lockdown.

Rate : R4500
Canon C300 mark1 - R4500per day
(includes, Tripod, cards, lenses, Canon 24-105mm, canon 50mm.
Has access to other cameras like Sony FS7, A7 and lenses, rates neg.
Lights:  3x LED 1x1 light panels - R800 per
Sound:  Lectrosonic radio mic - R500per day
Sony radio mic - R350per day
Adobe Premiere Pro at R565.00 per Hour
Ref Links to work shot/produced and edited.
Access to small food studios

Rate: R4500
Cameras :
- 5D package from R1800 Ronin-S at additional R950
- Sony F5/7 from R2800 - 3500
- Red Dragon from R6500
Editing : Adobe Premiere, & Final Cut and Avid.
Access to a few studios and different locations.
Has drone experience, rate R1500 (unlicenced)
Ref work example:

Cameraman/director/editor/Stills/Drone operator
Rate: R6 500 including gear.
Camera gear:
Canon 5d Mark 4 with a gimbal, slider, tripod, a 3 light LED setup
Drone Mavic Pro R4000
Access to sound gear.
Access to a studio.
Editing: Premiere. VFX and motion graphics in After effects and the colour grading in Davinci Resolve. Rate R600 per hour.
Ref work done in small studio (packshots):
Other refs:
Anton van Niekerk (Jhb)

DOP/Editor/Production services/Stills
Rate : R5500
Camera gear :
Canon 7D mk2, 70-200mm f2.8, 24-105mm f4, 15-85mm f3.5-56, 
Manfroto fluid head tripod, Rode Videomic, cards and filters - R1 300
(Rental agreements with Puma, Digital Film, Media and Magic Lightbox 
Company if we need to get in any extra gear).
Editing :
Full Adobe editing package - Premiere, Photoshop, Audition, 
After Effects etc. It is the latest versions. My hourly rate is R1 000 per hour.
Reference work:
Access to a studio
Can provide location scouting, pre production, sound mixing services 
for  budget shoots at very competitive rates.
Website : http://www.perfectdirections.co.za/portfolio.html

William Collinson (CT)

Rates :
Director: R7500/day
DOP: R4500/day
Editor: R3500/day
Director/DOP: R10000/day
Camera gear:
Red Dragon 6K Camera package: R7150
Sony A7sii 4K camera package: R3050
Adobe Premiere and DaVinci Resolve
Ref Work:
Website: www.williamcollinson.com

Rate : negotiable
Own studio:
27m x 12M x 5M High with a 3-sided concrete infinity curve, 
and a backup generator.
Tungsten  lights for hire and color background infinity paper.
Camera: Rental agreements with most of the suppliers.
Reference work :
password cdkcdk123
Website: http://www.clivedeklerk.com

Cameraman ZAR 5500 / day
Director / Cameraman ZAR 9500 / day
 Camera packages:
Sony FS7 4K camera body kit
incl prime lenses, basic lights,
monitors, basic sound ZAR 9000 / day
 Ref work :
See Fosters beer ad `Idents’ on website. Director/cameraman

Rate :R6000
 Camera Kits | Rates
Sony FS7 : R3500\day
Sony A73/Tamron 28 - 75 f2.8 with ronin S and F/F : R2500\day
Canon Lens Kit : R1500\day
Basic Grips Package : R1000\day
Mavic Pro 2 Drone : R1000\hour
 Edit Suites
DaVinci & Premier Pro | R6000/day
 Reference work:
 Google : Thamendrie Vermaak aka Agnes
 Access to studios

Eric Mc Keown (Jhb)

Rate : R5000
Full frame Nikon D810 with several lenses and rifle microphone. 
A Go Pro hero 3+. Tripods. R1500/day negotiable. 
(All other equipment like lighting or specialised cameras 
are at my disposal with Visual Impact.)
Editing :
Mac book Pro laptop with FCPX 10.4  R1500/day
YouTube channel:   eric Mc Keown
Can arrange a Studio.
Website : www.ericmckeown.co.za/index.php

Cameraman/Editor/technical director/Colourist
Rate : R4 500
Camera packages:
Multiple Sony 4K DSLR camera sound and lighting packages.
Multi-camera streaming Packages, (Coms, Cams, Wireless Gimbal, 
Switchers, Encoders & Recorders)
Editing :
Premiere Pro  27inch Imac
2019 Commissioned to edit 4 shows by Settlers Media and
 Sound City in Nigeria, for Wizkid
2018 BRICS Summit Insert Producer / Editor
2017 AIG ( Afrikaans is Groot ) Online Offline Editor and Colorist, 
Gimbal   operator aired on KYKNET
2017 CIG ( Classics is Groot )  Online Offline Editor and Colorist,
 Gimbal   operator
2016 Coca-Cola Studio Kenya Avid / Premier Series Editor
 five week project in Nairobi working as areality editor for 
Coke Studio Africa
2015 Series Editor & Colorist and Stand In DOP for Down 
For The Guap for Launch Factory aired on DSTV Vuzu Amped
( SAFTA Award Winning 24 min 8 part series )
Relevant ref : https:// vimeo.com/alanstuart

Camerman/Steadicam/Ronin Operator/Editing
Rate : R5000
 Camera :
Steadicam and Ronin 2 package
Sony FS7 at roughly 4500 p/d
 Editing :
Final cut and Premiere

Rate : R7500
Equipment :
Sony A7III Camera package: R 7150 per day
(includes all the support rigging, on board monitor, Sound kit
incl lapel, 2x LED light panels, Ronin M, Shoulder rig, remote focus,
 lens and Mattebox- ideal for content work)
Black Magic design pocket cinema camera 4k Package LED light 
panels and sound :  R 7150 per day(Includes all the support rigging,
on board monitor, Sound kit incl lapel, 2x LED light panels, 
Ronin M, Shoulder rig, remote focus, lens and Mattebox -Ideal for studio work)
DJi Mavic 2 Pro including filters: R1200 per day
Editing :
Adobe premiere pro - but I am familiar with FCP X and aftereffects
Offline editing : day rate plus R500 for machine hire - Total R5000, negotiable
Color grading: R6500 per day plus R1500 suite hire
Online edit: R6500 per day plus edit suite hire R1000
Ref work :

Lighting Cameraman/Gimble/Ronin Operator
Rate : R6500
Equipment :
Sony Cine Alta 4K Camera Package with Red Pro Zoom 17 - 50mm Cinema Lens. (includes all accessories)
Atomos Shinobi SDI is a lightweight HDR field monitor W/ Shape Accessories.
OConnor O-Focus Dual Mini Follow Focus
Rotolight aeos 2 light kit and NEO 2 is a revolutionary LED light
(Including accessories)
Godox SL-200W 200Ws LED W/ Godox P120L120cm Deep Parabolic Soft Box (Including accessories)
Ronin 2 Pro Combo with Ready Rig and ProArm Kit
Kessler Cineslider with Second Shooter Plus
Kessler Crane Pocket Jib W/ The Kessler K-Pod
Green/Blue/Black Background with Background Stands
Adobe, Apple Final Cut and Davinci Resolve
The Mavic 2 Pro from DJI W/ accessories and batteries
The Sony α7 III Full-frame W/ lens and batteries

Cameraman/Gimble/Ronin Operator
Rate: R4000
 Camera :
Sony A7Riii with lens kit and Tripod - R3000
Sony A7Riii with lens kit and Gimbal - R3250
Sony A7Riii with lens kit, Tripod and Lapel Microphone - R3300
Sony A7Riii with lens kit, Gimbal and Lapel Microphone - R3550
Premiere Pro @ R500 per hour or R4000 per day (8 Hour Working Day)
Reference work
 Studio: Phoenix Studios (Greenscreen)

Ari de Beer (Jhb/CT)

DP/cameraman/gimbal/steadicam operator
R4,500 to R5,500 per ten-hour day including gear            
Canon 5D 
Canon HX65
Crane 3 Gimbal
24-105 Canon "L" Series lens
Card Reader and cards / Tripod/Zoom H4N audio recorder/
Lapel Mic and cable 
Redhead kit
Canon EOS R at an extra R1200
R200-R250 an hour. 
 Rerence work:

Rate (p/d): R3500 - R10000
Camera Packages:
Alexa Mini: R19000 (incl. insurance, excl. lens kit)
Red Epic Dragon 6K package: R7500 (incl. Nikon mount & lens package & insurance)
Other cameras/lenses/monitors/audio/Gimble/Drone/Lighting available.
Editing: Premier Pro
Rate (p/d): R3000

Shaun Lee (CT)

Rate - negotiable
Access to all equipment, accounts with suppliers.
Premier Pro & FCP 7
Recent Content work:
(mostly shot with 5 or less crew)
Haagen Daz
John Smedley
 Website :