Friday, April 3, 2020



Forwarding you some useful links we have received re getting assistance for film crew, hoping it helps you... 

For the A-Z of the Relief Plan from the Department of Sports, Arts and Culture (DSAC)

COVID-19 SPORT, ARTS AND CULTURE RELIEF FUND click the link below where you will can link directly to the application form for Arts and Culture relief applications and all relevant information :

For emergency food relief, the City of Joburg has this initiative :


The City of Joburg are requesting that individuals and families that need emergency food relief can apply to the City for basic assistance.
We must stress that this is for the vulnerable only.
Information that is required are:
Name, ID, Address and amount of people in need.
This can be forwarded on WhatsApp to 073 549 3111

And finally, everyone in the Film and TV industry please fill in this survey. We are going to lobby government for a specific COVID-19 package for all Creatives : 


  1. This is for the vulnerable. What is government doing to help freelancers?

  2. This is crucial for all of us

  3. Hi has affected me financially because when you are a freelancing it's no work no pay

  4. Hi has affected me financially because when you are a freelancing it's no work no pay

  5. As freelancers our lives and the lives of our loved ones are at stake. Is ther any way that the government is looking at our situation.

  6. As freelancers we to work so that we can payment,so In this situation we won't have payment,we are in serious problem.

  7. It will help a lot if we can receive our returns early

  8. Hi as one of freelancers my family depends on me and it's so sad if you're child is asking something but you can't provide, May God have mercy on us.

  9. The unfortunate part of being freelancers is that we are taken as serious as the products we make for TV and cinemas!While the powers be and their families are consuming and enjoying on their expensive couches,nothing is thought about us who labored for hours to make it worthwhile for them to watch!
    This pandemic has brought home what we have been taking for granted for years....let's unite and demand what we are entitled to as 25% tax payers to the coffers that has to has an obligation to to provide for us and our loved ones in this very instance!
    We don't need social grants but assistance indiscriminately....whether on a production that was suspended or the pencilled or anticipated jobs