A letter from Bobby Amm - CPA

Hi Jan

There was quite a bit of work initially but I think it was mainly the work that had been postponed back in March / April.  Last month seemed to be exceedingly quiet with only a handful of jobs.  I am hearing from Exco members that the work is starting to pick up now and the boards are coming in.  I think the agencies have been a bit spooked and worried about carrying the risk so have opted to hold over but hopefully we will start to see work increase now.  One good thing is that companies will want to make commercials to promote sales to off-set losses they have experienced over the last 5 months. 

 Yes, lots of concerned people in Cape Town and things are even bleaker there.  Everything will depend on when the borders open.  If they open relatively soon we think we will have a season but, if it’s only next year, we are in for a tough time. Apparently many of the clients are keen to come but are experiencing problems in their home countries who want them to go into quarantine on their return.  We just have to wait and see. 

 I know some of the long-form EP’s and directors are coming in on special dispensation (repatriation flights) with the DTI’s assistance so, thankfully, some of the bigger long-form projects will go ahead. The Tourism sector is putting huge pressure on Govt to open the borders too.  My thinking is that they may open for business travel from October and then for tourists from Dec or Jan.   There have been enquirers from the UK and we have informed them that we are open for business and hoping that borders will open soon.
There are rumours that the President will be addressing the nation next week so we hope an announcement will be made then.
It’s so hard to know - I am watching the Covid figures every day and I think if they keep decreasing things should hopefully be open soon. 
Hang in there, 


  1. Are the "remote/streaming" shoots not proving successful? I would have thought the clients and agencies would have realised that they can get a LOT more bang for their buck if the "vacation entourage" stayed at home...

  2. Hi, hoping that the borders will open soon. Worried about my fellow crew members in Cape Town.

  3. You people not help me ihef natlng


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