Please see below the CPA's recommendations on Covid Protocol on set, following a meeting held with all crew agents in JHB on 15 June :

15 June 2021 

Dear JHB Agents 

Thank you for meeting with us on Monday morning. We can report that we held an emergency meeting with our members at 4pm yesterday to discuss the various issues in more detail and the following recommendations were made: 

1. The CPA will recommend to the ACA/advertising agencies a return to remote streaming to reduce the numbers on set. Client and agencies will be discouraged from coming to set where possible.

 2. The CPA will approach the ACA and advertising agencies to inform them that crew (and their agents) are insisting on Rapid Antigen Tests in the following circumstances: 
• Prior to the wardrobe call – at the recommendation of the production company depending on the circumstances.
 • Either on the day before the shoot or at the beginning of the first day of shooting (tests to be done off the clock) 
• Prior to the tech recce - at the recommendation of the production company depending on the circumstances of the recce. (All crew to travel in separate vehicles and implement social distancing on tech recces).

 Testing on every day of the shoot was debated, however it was agreed that this is: 
• not practical;
 • not completely reliable;
 • possibly too expensive; and
 • not a legal requirement 

It was instead proposed that all crew working on a job form a “bubble” and self-isolate for the duration of the job where this is possible. By eliminating contact with anyone outside of the shoot and their immediate families, the risk of transmission can hopefully be reduced. Every person involved in the shoot must take personal responsibility and monitor themselves for any symptoms. Symptoms or contact with infected persons must immediately be reported to the medic and the producer, as per the protocol.

 4. CPA members must include in their on-set paperwork the crew member’s consent to make public their name in the event that they test positive for COVID. This will ensure that this information can be passed along as quickly as possible to all concerned so that they can assess their level of exposure.

 Agents must obtain power of attorney to sign these forms on behalf of the crew they represent where the crew member in not able to sign it themselves. Commercial Producers Association of South Africa Tel: +27 82 683 0575 Mail: Website: Postal Address: Postnet Suite #030, Private Bag X20, Cresta, 2194, Johannesburg, South Africa 

5. Agents must strongly discourage all crew from putting themselves forward for work when they have:

  • come into close contact with any person who is positive (or tests positive within 10 days of contact),
 • if they display any flu-like symptoms; or
 • where they themselves test positive for COVID 

Agents are requested to monitor this if possible and to advise production companies accordingly.

 6. All production companies and crew must be furnished with the CPA’s COVID 19 Protocol of 1 June 2021 and the CPA’s Recommendation for COVID on set, dated 7 June 2021.

 Everyone is requested to familiarize themselves with these documents so that we can all follow the same protocol. 

7. Production companies must pay greater attention to meal times - ideally meals should be staggered and seating should be distanced. Production companies to look into solutions to try to limit risk during meals.

 8. Unpaid cancellation cannot be dependent on a positive COVID test - the production company’s risk assessment officer and medic must be in a position to send people home even if they do not turn out to be COVID positive.
 The reasons for this could be close exposure to someone who has tested positive or a display of symptoms that are consistent with COVID. CPA members did, however, agree that crew members should not be unfairly prejudiced prior to a shoot i.e. if they have been on a shoot where others have tested positive. Instead, the protocol should be followed - the person concerned should be asked to honestly assess his/her exposure and, if casual, should be permitted to report to set where the usual checks and tests will be carried out.

 9. CPA members requested the agent’s assistance in collectively keeping track of crew members who are COVID positive, crew members who are currently in isolation and crew members who have recovered and are back in circulation. By working together agents can hopefully assist production companies to access crew where shortages may occur. It is essential to work together on this to ensure that we have an adequate supply of crew over the next 6 weeks.

 10. It is also important that agents and production companies present a calm and united front and continue to communicate effectively on these issues and promote the use of the protocols. It was agreed that testing is a useful screening tool but that behaviour remains key to stop the spread of COVID in our sector.

 It was proposed that these arrangements run from now to the 31 July 2021. The situation can be re-assessed in early August 2021 and new recommendations put forward if the situation requires it. We trust you are in agreement with the above and hope that we can work together to keep the industry going in these challenging times.

 Best wishes Bobby Amm Executive Office


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